Community Services

One of the primary purposes of the South Bay Quilters Guild (SBQG) is to serve those in need. This page provides an overview of our current charitable outreach programs, as well as a listing of the charities that we support.

Comfort Quilts

Contact: Janet Akman

  • HUB: Donated fabric is laundered, ironed and refolded, if necessary. Larger pieces are saved for backings; smaller pieces are cut into 6 ½” strips and/or squares. Leftover strips, narrower than 6 ½”, are set aside for scrappy quilts.
  • HUB: Finished tops are paired with appropriate backings and readied for sweatshop. Leftovers (fabric too small for backings) are cut into 6 ½” strips and sent to “cutters.” Narrower strips of fabric are sent along with matching 6 ½” strips. Cutters return the strips with the cut squares, and they will be used for back art during the backing process. (We presently have one cutter, in addition to the HUB, where squares are also generated.)

6 ½” strips are sent to cutters for cutting into 6 ½” squares.

  • HUB: 6 ½” squares are counted and sent to “kitters.” (We presently have one kitter in addition to the HUB, where kits are also generated.)

Kits are taken to the general meeting for members to take home and finish into tops.

Members also return finished tops to the general meeting.

  • “SWEATSHOP”: One evening a month, (usually the second Tuesday) members gather to sandwich, sew, trim and turn 60 to 80 quilt sets. Some are sent home with participants to be closed and labeled. Occasionally, we have daytime “WORK PARTIES,” (less sweatful) at the HUB. At work parties, tops/back/batting are already pinned and participants sew, trim, turn, label, close, and sew (creating a faux binding look), around about twenty quilts.
  • HUB: Closed and labeled quilts are pressed, “flossed” and rebundled for tying.

“Flossed” quilts are sent out for tying at December and June guild meetings, or members check out bundles of quilts at general guild meetings to tie at home.

Tied quilts are returned to HUB for final pressing/inspection. They are sorted into categories and bundled ten quilts to a bundle, for delivery.

Finished quilts are delivered to grateful recipients all over the South Bay.

Quilts for Wounded Soldiers

Contact: Arlene Zobrist


Quilts for wounded warriors are shipped directly to combat hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan, and given to soldiers in Intensive Care Units. These troops are transported from combat areas on converted cargo planes with minimal heat, and the soft, colorful quilts provide warmth and comfort. The handmade quilts are also a stark contrast to their surroundings and show our gratitude for the warrior’s sacrifices.

Following are the requirements for the quilts, as suggested by the military medical community:

  •     Size: 48″ x 78″ (stretcher/gurney size)
  •     Fabric and Batting: 100% cotton preferred; 80/20 is acceptable
  •     Theme: Patriotic
  •     Quilting: machine or hand quilted, or tied
  •     Pillowcase (optional): 20″ x 30″, coordinating with the quilt

The design can be simple and anything you choose. Since many quilts are needed, quantity is more important than time-consuming patterns, but all quilts are welcomed and deeply appreciated. One Doctor in Iraq thinks the quilts do soldiers more good than receiving a medal, which they often pin onto their quilts.

Please help give a special gift to our injured troops when they need it most. If you’re not a quilter, donations are accepted and are needed for shipping.