“A Guide for Quilting Fanatics” resource page

Today I received an email from Barbara Hayes of AfterSkoolKids.org. The website provides resources for “how to productively use afterschool time.” Barbara is also a 4th Grade teacher, and her students are working on an extra-credit quilt project. One of the students found our SBQG Links page as well as another resource page to share with us — “A Guide for Quilting Fanatics“. I’ve added the new resource page to our Links page, and I’ve found a number of interesting websites already! A brief history of Yo-Yo quilts, paper craft quilts for kids, and the Academy of Quilting. Thank you to Barbara’s student for suggesting this link to us, and I want to send best wishes to everyone in the classroom as they continue their quilt project! Happy quilting!

54 Quilt Block Tutorials

Quilt Story Block Party LinkUpQuilt Story is hosting a page full of quilt block tutorials by various quilters — 54 so far! I looked at the Set-in Seams tutorial by Ridge Top Quilts and Flying Geese from Cutting Corners College. Close-up photos, yardage calculations, detailed instructions, … all of which make for excellent tutorials. 🙂 Take a look and learn a new block for your next quilt!


Leftover Block Envelope Bag tutorial

This tutorial shows a great idea for experimenting with and using a leftover quilt block. The small bag is square but could easily be adapted to a rectangular shape. I think it’s always nice to have projects that can be finished quickly and give us a nice sense of accomplishment!


Quick Christmas Gifts (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a number of quick holiday gift tutorials on the internet. Part 1 included gift bags and small purses. Today we have links for larger bags, sewing items, a couple of zipper techniques, and other miscellaneous gifts.

Medium Bags:

Large Bags:

For fun:


Sewing and Other Organizers:


Well, that will keep us busy! Happy crafting!


Quick Christmas Gifts (Part 1)

On Sunday I spent a while searching the internet for quick quilting/sewing-related Christmas gifts. (I need an idea for five friends who are meeting together in a few weeks.) While I still haven’t decided what to make, I thought that some of you might be in need of the same information. So here are links to some of the projects I found (part 1). Some are billed as quick and easy, but at least all of the tutorials didn’t look too hard! And, these are all free tutorials.

Gift Bags:


Coin/Change Purses:

Small Bags:


Additional ideas are coming in part 2 for larger bags, luggage tags, camera/iPod cases, sewing items, and zipper techniques. If you have other gift suggestions, we’re all ears!

Happy quilting,