Mme. Fumi Akutagawa – Fashion Show 2012

We are privileged to have Mme. Fumi Akutagawa as our guest speaker for the 2012 annual Fashion Show. She is a sensei (master or teacher) in the art of the Japanese kimono and will present “Hari Kuyou” (Needle Day).

Our Fashion Show will be held in June at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance. All details on the location, catered menu, and tickets are available on our website.

Please join us for this special event and insight into Japanese culture.

Martha Nordstrand applique workshop

Just a quick note to let you know that the photo for Martha’s April workshop is now available on our website. The poppies are beautiful!

You can also visit Martha’s site to see her other designs.


Marcia Stein’s Travel Photos and Quilts

Drumming Up Business.jpg

Our guest speaker tonight was Marcia Stein, with her lecture entitled Destinations: Travel-Inspired Quilts. Marcia showed her beautiful photographs and described methods for going “from photo to fabric.”

Marcia’s latest book Picture This!: Capture the Essence of a Photograph in Your Pictorial Quilt (released last week) presents her techniques for photos and quilts “even if you don’t know how to draw or consider yourself to be an artist or photographer.” That’s always good to hear! Her book includes the following two quilts, so we were privileged to see them up close and personal:

Flowers Marcia Stein.JPG

Smart Car Marcia Stein.JPG

Part of Marcia’s technique for quilting is to plan the layout on vellum. She brought a couple of her patterns to show us. First, for her ’52 Pickup quilt (thanks, Don!):

52 Pickup Marcia Stein.JPG

And next for her Ladies in Waiting quilt (thanks, Karen!):

Ladies in Waiting Marcia Stein.JPG

Our thanks to Marcia for her presentation filled with humor, “geraniums that grow where I need them to,” and tips for turning our photos to fabric! Happy quilting to all who are attending her workshop tomorrow!