Quilts for Wounded Soldiers

Community Services has a project of making quilts for soldiers injured in the war. The quilts are shipped to combat hospitals in Afghanistan and given to soldiers in Intensive Care Units. These troops are often sent home in minimally heated cargo planes, so the quilts are functional for warmth in addition to showing that we care and thank them for their sacrifices.

The quilts needed are ”quick quilts” with just 3 requirements:

  • Size is 4 ft x 6 ft 6 in, or 48 inches by 78 inches (the size of stretchers and gurneys)
  • All cotton; no synthetics, including the batting
  • Red/white/blue or appropriate patriotic theme (no cartoon characters)

The design can be simple and anything you choose. Since many quilts are needed, quantity is more important than time-consuming patterns, but all quilts are welcomed.  You can be as creative or simple as you want and they will all be deeply appreciated. One Doctor in Iraq thinks the quilts do soldiers more good than receiving a medal, which they often pin onto their quilts.

More information about the program can be found here.
Contact: Arlene Zobrist

Quilts sent out in April 2012 include these by SBQG members NK,


and the Lawndale Library Quilting Ladies.

Call for Quilts for Wounded Warriors

Arlene Zobrist has been leading the Quilts for Wounded Warriors program through the South Bay Quilters Guild for a few years. Members of the Guild make patriotic quilts meeting specific size guidelines, and Arlene ships the quilts directly to her contacts at combat hospitals in Afghanistan.

A few days ago, Arlene received an email from Bagram stating that they’ve had an increase in trauma. June had the highest trauma rate in years, and July and August are expected to be high, as well.

Arlene is in need of quilts to send, so we’re spreading the word and asking for participation.

Following are the requirements for the quilts, and we will soon be adding a page to our website with these details:
Size: 48″ x 78″ (stretcher size)
Fabric and Batting: Cotton preferred; 80/20 is acceptable
Theme: Patriotic
Pillowcase (optional): 20″ x 30″, coordinating with the quilt

Recently Arlene spoke at the Surfside Quilters Guild in San Clemente, and they started a Wounded Warrior Special Committee led by Susie Russell. How wonderful to have another Guild joining in the effort to comfort our wounded soldiers while in intensive care or on their way home to the States!

Contact Arlene or South Bay Quilters Guild for any questions on the quilts.


“America Lives On” pattern for Quilts for Wounded Warriors

Thanks to Arlene Zobrist for this guest post!

Windham Fabrics has a free pattern called “America Lives On“, which is the right width for our Quilts for Wounded Warriors. These quilts fit stretchers, which are 48″ x 78″. The pattern is 48″ x 56″, so it just needs to be lengthened approximately 22”. This could easily be done by adding another row and then expanding the top and bottom borders. I haven’t tried the pattern but it looks like a good way to use up stash, and the star blocks could also be substituted with other fabrics, or even embroidered blocks.

– Arlene