“A Guide for Quilting Fanatics” resource page

Today I received an email from Barbara Hayes of AfterSkoolKids.org. The website provides resources for “how to productively use afterschool time.” Barbara is also a 4th Grade teacher, and her students are working on an extra-credit quilt project. One of the students found our SBQG Links page as well as another resource page to share with us — “A Guide for Quilting Fanatics“. I’ve added the new resource page to our Links page, and I’ve found a number of interesting websites already! A brief history of Yo-Yo quilts, paper craft quilts for kids, and the Academy of Quilting. Thank you to Barbara’s student for suggesting this link to us, and I want to send best wishes to everyone in the classroom as they continue their quilt project! Happy quilting!

Passing Along Your Hand Skills

(Maddy Lou)

Dottie directed me to a wonderful post about the importance of passing along our hand sewing and other skills. Giving the Gift of Hand Skills at Craft Nectar (by Weeks Ringle of Fun Quilts) suggests a new tradition of sharing a hand skill with a child or young adult. Dottie also mentioned this as a possible New Year’s resolution. Weeks provides examples of how surgeons would benefit from improved fine motor skills, and that texting and using a computer mouse are not helping to develop these skills. I recommend a quick visit to Weeks’ blog to read the short article.

Who are you passing your skills to?