Do these count as new or used clothes?

I make quilts and baby clothes from scraps or used clothing.  Does that make these new or used clothing?  Can they be given to child protective services?

The purple fabric is made from one of my husband’s old t-shirts that had frayed at the neck.  The navy set on the bottom is made from a gigantic t-shirt found at a local Goodwill. It is printed with the name of a plumbing parts supplier in Gardena!

Because each adult t-shirt contains a great deal of embedded water* and chemical input**, I prefer to reuse cotton as long as possible.  Water is heavy and cotton is often grown in deserts and irrigated with water transported over mountain ranges and across long distances at enormous energy cost.  Then the cotton is (literally!) transported around the world to chase low labor costs before being brought to market.  Why not mine the embedded energy and water found in gently used clothing right in our backyard?

See more examples of post-consumer waste sewing.

If clothes like these are deemed acceptable by child protective services, we can hold a sweatshop at my house to churn out dozens of these.

* Depending on where the cotton was grown, it takes about 650 gallons or one CCF of water to grow the cotton used in one adult medium t-shirt.

** More chemicals are used to produce cotton, pound for pound, than any other cash crop.