Photos from Tokyo Quilt Festival 2012

The flickr photostream of Be*mused includes over 380 photos from the 2012 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival.

One beautiful example is Shining Town by Masako Katou. (It doesn’t look like Be*mused has licensed the photos for sharing, so all I can do is include the link.) This quilt is a spiral design of scrappy houses and trees, with small yellow flowers on the interior scalloped border, and an outer scrappy/modern piano key border. The primary color scheme is blues and greens. I wish I could display it! It’s amazing to think of the hours that Masako put into the quilt. (Here’s the full-sized version, so you can see the detail up close.)

I encourage you to view some of the photos, and hope that you enjoy the stunning work as much as I did. Thank you to Dottie for this link!