An Organized Quilter

(photo by caitlin)

Pam, our Guild President, mentioned in the January newsletter that she was looking for quilt room organization ideas. And then Mishka at the Quilting Gallery, and Pat Sloan, started The Learning Center with the first topic on organization and storage! Getting organized is always a great way to start the year.

Pat’s article starts out with taking inventory, with the thought that you need to know what you own in order to organize it. Then prioritize the items that are used most often and therefore need to be nearby for easy access. The next two sections provide tips for “the overhaul”, whether you can do the whole area at once, or focus on one section at a time. I especially liked Pat’s suggestion for sorting fabric:

  • MOST loved
  • sort of loved
  • maybe this can go to a new home
  • why in the world do I still own this stuff?

Pat will be posting more tips in the coming months to help us all! What tips do you have? What tricks have you learned along the way to keep your area clean and improve your productivity?

Until next time … happy quilting!