A Colorful Festival in Long Beach – part 1

What would you consider the highlights of the Long Beach International Quilt Festival? Shopping? Friendship? New products? All of the above?? I had a great time on Saturday, and snapped a few photos to share. Here’s a glimpse into my impression of the event. Along with some quotes (in bold) that were overheard and brought a smile to my face.

I usually dread long lines, but then lines aren’t too long when time is spent chatting with friends.

waiting in line.JPG


In no time at all the ocean waves carried a sea of shoppers to the exhibit floor. (I couldn’t resist!)

sea of people.JPG


“I saw what a difference it made for my daughter and granddaughter to receive that quilt in the hospital. So it inspired me to make as many charity quilts as I could.”


There are so many beautiful colors in the world, just waiting for us to create. And vendors always have them arranged for our easy access. Look at the wonderful selection:

color - Cindys Fabric Shack.JPG(photo courtesy of Cindy’s Fabric Shack)



“My stash? I’ll have to live to 200 to use it up.”


color - Custom Creations.JPG(photo courtesy of Custom Creations)


A number of different fabric types and styles were available, from Batik,

fabric - Batik Sew Batik.JPG(photo courtesy of Sew Batik)



fabric - Hawaiian Beyond the Reef.JPG(photo courtesy of Beyond the Reef)



fabric - African Maendeleo Imports.JPG(photo courtesy of Maendeleo Imports)



fabric - French Connections.JPG(photo courtesy of French Connections)


and colorful florals.

fabric - The Quilt House.JPG(photo courtesy of The Quilt House)


fabric - Lazy Daisy Cottage.JPG(photo courtesy of Lazy Daisy Cottage)


“Our husbands think we’re crazy. We just tell them, ok, let’s look at your hobbies!”


More gorgeous, inspiring color was seen in the embellishments:


color - WonderFil.JPG(photo courtesy of WonderFil Specialty Threads)


color - embellishments Tenaj Creations.JPG(photo courtesy of Tenaj Creations)


color - Beads and Magic Wishes.JPG(photo courtesy of Beads & Magic Wishes)


product - Hot Ribbon Dutch Quilter.JPG(photo courtesy of Dutch Quilter)


“This show is better than last year!”


Some of the patterns available were backpack and purse patterns


purse patterns - Sew Batik.JPG(photo courtesy of Sew Batik)


purse patterns - Veranda Tote Quilts Illustrated.JPG(photo courtesy of Quilts Illustrated)


and Cathedral Windows.


color - Shelley Swanland.JPG(photo courtesy of Shelley Swanland)


A number of products seemed new to me! Some very ingenious ideas. A design wall that rolls-up for storage.


product - Vanishing Design Wall.JPG(photo courtesy of Vanishing Design Wall)


Another that is collapsible and portable.


product - Cheryl Ann Design Wall.jPG(photo courtesy of Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall)


A magnetic, invisible quilt holder.


product - MagnetFicent Invisible Quilt Hanger.JPG(photo courtesy of Magnificent Quilting Company)


A project storage box to replace the pizza boxes.


product - Block Box.JPG(photo courtesy of Block Box Company)


And acrylic clocks, clipboards, wall hangers, and cups that display your quilt blocks.


product - Quilt in a Clock.JPG(photo courtesy of Quilt in a Cup)


Busy booths,



“Oh, now I’ve lost my Mother. I swear I’m going to put a GPS tracker on her.”


and classes,


class - Fabulous Painted Clutch Lisa Engelbrecht.JPG(photo courtesy of Lisa Engelbrecht)


and vendor demos kept us busy.


demo - Creative Feet.JPG(photo courtesy of Creative Feet)


After a day of shopping, taking pictures, and talking with vendors and fellow quilters, it was time to return home with new purchases and inspiration.


days end.JPG


Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of the quilt exhibits. Antique, art and traditional, colorful. Until then, I’m eager to start my backpack. What’s the first project you’re going to work on?